All BBYF players must adhere to the OCYFL weight limit regulations. These are put into place and regularly reviewed for player safety. It is a league requirement for every player to weigh in before each game. The weight limit increases by one pound each week of the season.



Mites: Grades 3/4 - 119 max weight

Pee Wees: Grades 5/6 - 144 max weight

Midgets: Grades 7/8 - 181 max weight

*Please note weights assume:

  • 8 lbs of equipment for Mites and Peewees 10 lbs of equipment for Midgets.
  • There is a 1 (one) pound increase allowance added to the max weight limit each week as the season progresses.


GAME DAY WEIGH-IN: Every football player (on both teams) is required to weigh in before each game. This typically happens 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game start time. Per OCYFL By-Laws, if a player misses the weigh-in procedure or does not meet the max weight limit for that week, they are disqualified from that day’s gameplay. No players or coaches are allowed in the weigh-in area, only each team’s trained weigh-in official is allowed. Every player must be in their game gear (helmets removed) at the weigh-in. Every team uses an OCYFL-certified and calibrated scale as outlined in the OCYFL By-Laws.

Players are expected to maintain healthy eating and hydration habits. Do not come to practices or games hungry and dehydrated. If a player’s weight becomes a concern for game participation, it is expected to be addressed appropriately and healthily.

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