TRAINING CAMP: Begins August 11, 2023 and will run Monday-Friday. This is to get players acclimated to wearing their gear, fundamental instruction, various drills, conditioning, player skill assessments, and team bonding at every grade level. Contact is introduced at a gradual pace. As training camp progresses, coaches will begin to instruct and install plays, teach positional responsibilities and loosely assign player positions based on a number of assessment factors, while keeping player safety as the #1 factor. Coaches may schedule a pre-season scrimmage.

REGULAR SEASON PRACTICES: Once school starts, full equipment practices will go to 3 days each week, generally Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and typically run 2 hours (Tue/Th) and 1 to 1 ½ hour on Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will consist of warm-ups, drills, running plays, teaching and installing new plays, foundation reinforcement, and conditioning. Fridays are no-contact/helmet-only practices and consist of warm-ups, special teams' run-throughs, position responsibility review, game plan review for the opponent ahead that weekend, running plays against air (no contact) and conditioning.

REGULAR SEASON GAMES: Generally consists of 8 games for Red (Varsity) and 7 games for Blue (Junior Varsity), and split between home and away games, for all grade levels. Varsity games are typically played on Sundays (some Saturday Night Games may be scheduled) with JV games on Saturday mornings.  

POST SEASON GAMES: Red teams that qualify in the standings will make it to one playoff game and teams that advance past the playoff game will compete in the Super Bowl Championship. Game schedules will be posted on and also communicated via email by the head coaches with additional details.

OCYFL has an 8th grade all star game the first weekend in December.  Players are selected and will practice with other players from the OCYFL South Team. 

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