COACH TRAINING: Every BBYF Coach is required to take annual "Heads Up" Coach Certification Training with USA Football. This training includes various safety, health, and technique courses including; concussion/cardiac arrest recognition and protocol, heat exhaustion, hydration, tackling, blocking, coaching foundations and principles, and much more. All coaches for every team are also trained annually in CPR and First Aid. CORI background checks are done on all coaches every season.

GEAR: BBYF sends all helmets to the original manufacturer for inspection and reconditioning every other year. Shoulder pads are also inspected and replaced when necessary. Helmets are retired and replaced after 10 years from the original manufacture date.

EMT: For every game, BBYF hires an EMT to be on the sidelines to evaluate and treat any player injuries, including potential concussion concerns. The EMT is the only person that can clear a player's return to gameplay.

FILM: BBYF uses HUDL to film every game. Coaches review this game film as an extra tool for not only play execution and position responsibility review of players but, more importantly, to also recognize and correct any safety concerns. The BBYF Board of Directors and OCYFL may also review this film if any player or coach disciplinary action is needed.

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